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Patio umbrella parts.

A patio umbrella part is commonly used to replace faulty part with new one to repair your faulty umbrella economically. An umbrella consists of different parts such as canopy fabric, runner, stretchers, ribs, shaft, handle, strings etc. which could be replaced if needed. Patio umbrella part clearance season is a great time to buy a new one at a discounted price.

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Patio umbrella parts
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How to replace a faulty part of umbrella?

String: Old string could be replaced with new string by unlocking bottom hub. You will have to place the new string in the same hole from where you pulled old one.

Rib: After buying 6 inch piece of 5/8 copper, hammer it on the faulty rib to fit new one to replace the faulty one. But keep in mind you will have the enough space in the middle of the copper part so make a proper small hole with drill machine.

Fabric: Trim the broken fabric gently and apply joining piece with masking tape and then wait to get it fixed firmly before to use.

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