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Patio rugs are usually intended to cover rough areas for a nice look and feel but can also be added to plain surfaces for a great look. Patio rugs are moisture resistant so can be used in moisture prone areas such as outdoor grass surfaces without issue. Patio rugs come in a variety of materials, sizes, and shapes so you can choose the right patio rug for outdoor patio areas.

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Patio rugs are made in a variety of synthetic materials as described below.

Polypropylene patio rugs:
They are waterproof and easy to maintain but require regular cleaning to maintain. It is mold and dew resistant and suitable for all season use. Polypropylene is heat resistant so the rug will not overheat in the summer heat and will be soft on the feet. It is durable and cost effective. Polypropylene patio rugs are the most durable and demanding rugs in America for all-season use.

Nylon patio rugs:
The most durable fiber is nylon which is used to make nylon patio rugs. It is suitable for high traffic areas because of its durability. Nylon is UV sensitive and its life is compromised if used in sunlight. Different dyes are used to make nylon patio rugs mould and UV resistant for more life even if it is exposed to sun.

Polyester patio rugs:
When we have to select patio rugs in different colors which are fading free and durable as well then polyester patio rugs are the right choice. You can find any colored patio rugs in polyester material at a reasonable discount price. But avoid using it in dining areas because oil stains become harder on it so it will have rough appearance if exposed to oil stains.
Polyester rugs are waterproof and easy to manage.

Woven patio rugs:
Woven rugs are expensive but a great choice to give soft surface and ambiance. Woven patio rugs are not waterproof so we have to use it under some sort of covering and if used without covering we will have to remove it in time if there is rain etc. otherwise the quality will compromise.

Final we can say Polypropylene patio rugs are the perfect choice to use in outdoor areas to enjoy with no issues of sensitivity.

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